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December 2020 - Real Estate Market Update

Is a Buyers' Market Coming???

November 2020 - Real Estate Market Update Where are Los Angeles Home Prices Going???

October 2020 - Los Angeles Real Estate Market Update

August 2020 - Preview of 1200 Peck Dr. - Unit 1,
Los Angeles, 90035

April 2020 - Market Update 

The Effect of the Coronavirus on Real Estate in LA & Nation wide.

March 2020 - A Discussion about the Effect of Corona Virus on Loans, Mortgage Rates and Approvals.

2002 Fox Hills Drive, Los Angeles, 90025

Preview of 2002 Fox Hills Dr. - Los Angeles, CA 90025

March 2020 - Real Estate Market Update 

Impact of the low interest rates, stock market adjustment and the Coronavirus

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