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Bron Realty Group -  Home Selling System

Our goal is to help you sell your home on your terms and for a highest price possible while providing exceptional customer service

  1. Pricing

    • Selling your home starts with correct pricing. Overpricing leads to longer sale times and lower eventual prices.

    • Since most showings occur within the first two weeks, matching the initial list price to buyer expectations is crucial.

    • Our advanced market analysis generates an accurate list price. Request a "TRUE MARKET VALUE" analysis for your home.

  2. Preparation

    • To maximize your home's value, it's always a good idea to enhance its appearance.

    • We help identify and prioritize repairs and improvements for the best returns.

    • Decluttering is a highly effective step. If storage is limited, consider a garage sale or temporary rental. It's a worthwhile investment!

  3. Marketing

    • We hire professional photographers and videographers to showcase your property.

    • Our Home Selling System exposes your home to numerous potential buyers.

    • We heavily invest in web, social media, email, and direct mail, placing listings where buyers search.

    • Upon hiring us, we pinpoint your ideal buyer and create a tailored marketing plan to reach them.

  4. Negotiations

    • Successful real estate negotiations require skill. An experienced agent significantly impacts the final price.

    • We are experts negotiators, aiming for the highest price, favorable terms, minimal contingencies, repairs, and closing costs.

    • Our approach always prioritizes your goals and maintains a balanced process.

  5. Process

    • Throughout the sales process, we will provide you regular updates on prospects, feedback, marketing activities, and recommended adjustments.

    • We'll setup a neighborhood alert system keeps you informed about similar homes on the market.

    • Once under contract, our online system ensures timely fulfillment of obligations by the buyers and their agent.

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