“Why should I use a real estate agent to buy my next house or condo? I could do this myself, now tha

Yes, it’s trues that these days you can find just about anything you want on the internet, including almost all the property listings that an agent could be sending you from the MLS, so why do you need an agent to do that for me? Well let me explain: Website sites such as Zillow.com or Trulia.com do have a very large inventory of homes BUT they also have a big flaw: They are definitely not updated on time or sometimes not at all. Which is why they have so much inventory…I often get emails or phone calls from buyer clients who ask me: “Michel I just saw a property on Zillow that looks great and it’s in my price range, so why didn’t you send it to me?!” So I will look up that listing on the ML

How do I know where my property lines are?

Just a couple of days ago, a client asked me a questions about her property line. Questions about property lines come up on a regular basis in LA and this her question and my answer, I hope you find it informative: Client: "Behind the fence at the back of our property of our new house is a lot of old dried out foliage and trees and such and I'm a little worried about it being a fire hazard in the dry weather. Do you have an idea of how we can find out out if that is on our property or whose property that actually is so I can get it taken care of?" Michel: "Where is my property lines and "who's land is it?" are questions that often come up between neighbors, especially with hilly properties w

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