Which type of mortgage is right for you?

There are hundreds of mortgage products out there, so be sure to find the right one for your needs. Before you approach any lenders, figure out your financial strategy. Ask yourself these questions: How long do I plan to live in this house? Where do I see myself in five or ten years? Do I have to or want to make home improvements? Do I want to keep cash on hand for other investments? Can I take financial risks? Do I want to be debt-free? Now that you have a reasonable picture of your financial philosophy, shop around and evaluate your options. Don’t rush into the first loan offer you get. If you can afford to take financial risks and have the assets and credit score to back it up, you can ge

Keep your current Property Tax when selling your home with Prop 60/90

Prop 60/90 allows you to sell your current residence and buy another while keeping your currently low property taxes. There are certain requirements and not every county in California participates. See the details below: Eligibility Requirements: 1. The replacement property must be your principal residence and must be eligible for the Homeowners’ Exemption or Disabled Veterans' Exemption. 2. The replacement property must be of equal or lesser “current market value” than the original property. The "equal or lesser" test is applied to the entire replacement residence, even if the owner of the original property acquires only a partial interest in the replacement residence. Owners of two qualify

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