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When is the Right Time to Move to Senior Living?

When is the right time to move to a Senior Living Community?

All families are different and every person has different needs, especially as we age. We all care and want the best for ourselves and our loved ones but at some point, as hard as it may be, some tell-tale signs could signal that perhaps Senior Living should be considered:

  • Is it hard to walk? Have they fallen or at risk for falls?

  • Trouble preparing food, cleaning or taking medication?

  • Difficulty going to and from appointments, shopping, etc...

  • Isolated, depressed or bored?

Now when you do see these signs that’s really the time to take advantage of sitting down and explaining all the benefits of a senior community to your parent or loved one. Because of the things that they offer, it really does speak directly to those concerns. In a senior community, they will provide transportation and a full calendar of social activities. They can monitor health and medications and provide that level of engagement that seniors really need to remain vital. Call or Email us for a list of referrals for senior living advisors, organizers & moving professionals who specialiize in helping seniors in Los Angeles.


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