So My Offer was Accepted, Can I Back Out of the Deal?

Yes! Absolutely. As long as the California Association of Realtors (CAR) purchase contract was used (which is almost always the case in Los Angeles), there are several ways to safely cancel a real estate purchase transaction (aka Escrow) without losing your deposit (which is usually 3% of the purchase price). In the C.A.R Purchase Contract, there are 2 main conditions, also called "Cancellation Contingencies", that allow a buyer to cancel escrow. 1) Inspection Contingency (generally 7-15 days ) The Inspection Contingency is a general term that not only includes the physical inspection of the property preferably with reputable professional inspectors (general, electrical, chimney etc...) bu

How a Realtor Can Save You Time and Money

Looking to Buy a Home? How a Realtor Can Save You Time and Money. Can you find a home on your own? Of course you can, that’s the fun part! But a Realtor can help you with much more than that! Here is a list of 4 things plus one crucial bonus that a Real Estate agent can do for you to help you save time and money. 1) An agent can help you save time and money by finding a home faster than you! If you are only looking at open houses on Sundays, this is going to be a very slow process. An agent's job is to find you homes that may or may not be on the market. He/she will preview them as well as set up appointments to view them at a time that is most more convenient for you. Keep in mind that in L

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