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How a Realtor Can Save You Time and Money

Looking to Buy a Home? Working with an experienced Realtor WILL Save You Time and Money.

Can you find a home on your own? Of course you can, that’s the fun part! But a Realtor can help you with much more than that!

First of all, keep in mind that using the professional services of a Realtor to help you buy a home is basically a FREE SERVICE since The Seller ALWAYS pays the commission of both the buying and the listing agents.

1) Timing: An agent will help you save time and money by finding a home faster than you!

If you are only looking at open houses on Sundays, your home search is going to be a very slow process.

An agent's job is also to find you homes that may or may not be on the market. He/she will preview them as well as set up appointments to view them at a time that is most more convenient for you.

Keep in mind that in Los Angeles, by the time properties get to a Sunday open house some of them may already have received multiple offers and you may be too late to throw your hat in the ring. Real estate agents see these properties go on the market in real time (you can too if your agent sets you up on the MLS for "real-time" listing alerts). Even if you are still looking casually, eventually you will find a home you like and you will have to move quickly. So having an agent already in place and ready to prepare your offer will assure that you can move quickly and professionally. Thus inspiring confidence with the listing agent and the seller.

2) Price Analysis: Once you find a house or a condo that you like, your real estate agent will look at previously sold properties in the area (comparables or “comps”) and will let you know if the asking price seems reasonable. Your agent will show you neighborhood trends, price progressions, (up or down). This pricing analysis will help you to put it all into perspective and make a more informed important decision..

3) Preparing the offer and negotiate: Your real estate agent will make an offer and negotiate on your behalf.

An attractive offer is not just about the price, it is also very much about the other terms of the offer. An experienced Realtor will know the right questions to ask and how to put together an offer that will rise to the top and be attractive to the seller and also stratifies the buyer's needs. Knowing how to be competitive especially in a multiple offer environment is a key part of the home-buying process.

Negotiating a good price is of course very important but there are several more issues to negotiate (transaction length, credits or repairs following the inspections, and much more...). In the end your agent will help you get the property you want without over paying or making concessions you might regret later.

4) Getting through the massive paperwork: There is a lot of paperwork and an experienced agent will explain it all so that you know exactly what you are signing! He/she will catch small details that a seller may add to make sure you are not giving anything away or paying for something unexpected. Your Realtor will also explain the entire transaction process from A to Z IN ADVANCE so that you know what next step to expect.

5) Your Realtors will be share his/her network of professionals such as mortgage brokers, insurance agents, inspection companies, and more. Note: A good professional Realtor should not get paid referral fees for these recommendations.

Plus one other bonus that you probably didn’t know….

6) A Realtor has access to private remarks on MLS listings that you do not. These are crucial bits of information about a home that could influence your decision about whether or not to look seriously at a property in the first place. It could be things such as death on property, bathroom has not been permitted, no hardwood floors allowed, etc... These important details can affect the price and desirability of a property.

In the end, the job of a Realtor is very comprehensive and best of all absolutely free to the buyer since the seller pays his/her's commission to the buyer so it makes so much sense to always work with your own Realtor when making such an important purchase as a house or a condominium in Los Angeles.

For more info and to be set up on the MLS please contact Michel Bron at Bron Realty Group (310)467-8042 or

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