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When our clients are the ones buying us dinner, we must be doing something right!

This cute 2bd/2ba condo in Culver City was looking pretty sad when we signed the listing contract with Barry and Sarah. Luckily they were smart and open about our suggestions and they basically let us take over their property. We had our contractor install brand new beautiful grey laminate flooring, we did some painting, we updated one bathrooms, planted some flowers on the patio, and a few more things and then we got it staged. All that for approx. $6,500. The place looked great!

Of course, Jacolyn put in place a powerful and strategic marketing campaign (traditional and social media) which generated a ton of traffic! We went from a condo that would have barely sold for barely $450k "as is" to selling for $515k with approximately a $6,500 investment from the seller! Our clients were thrilled and so were we!

They were so happy with the sale that a week later they took us out to a beautiful Steak Dinner at STK Westwood which delicious! Thank you again.

If you know anyone who is thinking of selling their property, please be sure share our contact info with them and we promise that we will do a great job for them too!

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